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There’s nothing that stings a man’s ego than “blue ticks” from a lady.

Neither teargas nor one of your boys hoodwinking you on a debtthat he was to pay back a week ago but keeps dodging your calls,yet his posts on social media involve hashtags such as #Broke4Who and #PaperChaser.has the power to humble a man than those 2 blue ticks.

Is it that these FEMALES (read women, ladies, baes) do these things deliberately ? Or is it men that have become overly sensitive?

In my quest for irreducible minimums and justice for the boy child, I decided to consult one of my lawyers (in the making), Miss Mutero but for my sake, refer to her as Shiro. I met Shiro through one of my close friends, then we became friends and now, still friends 🙂

She’s one of those brilliant people that Africa happens to have popped up. When you mix her singing prowess, her personality, her beauty, her Kianda & Strath vibes, and her attempts at humour (from a good heart), you end up with someone close to a power-puff girl. Blossom, maybe, for those who happened to grow up in the Cartoon Network era.

The only concern I have with Shiro is that when she puts on heels, I have to face the embarrassment of being the short guy being hugged. (Hahahaha on the low though). Anyway, as a man, it’s hard enough surviving an argument with a lady, and it gets 10 times harder when that lady happens to have studied law. So I can’t imagine how hard it gets after she passes her KSL exams.

I asked Shiro what her view was with regards to communication these days, and I expected a brief answer. However, after adjusting her spectacles for that intellectual angle, legal counsel decided to chime in as follows:

Shiro’s opinion:

“Guys should just “chill kiasi”! Who knew that the smarter our phones got, the dumber we would become? (Lione hoping that the “we” doesn’t refer to men only)

I remember a rather interesting conversation I had with a couple of my friends’ parents. These good folks spent about 2 hours regaling us with tales of the “good old days” when call boxes reigned supreme and landlines were found far and in between.

They told us tales of how meeting up with their friends proved a much trickier endeavour as they would plan sometimes months in advance to meet at a particular location on some future date and at some future time. Can you imagine planning to meet a friend three months from now, at Jevanjee gardens at 2pm… (or whatever joints were “happening” in those days)

One literally showed up at the agreed rendezvous point with only hope in their heart that the other person wouldn’t “bounce’ on their plan (Shiro insisting that “bounce” as a word was quite popular in our parents’ time but Lione wondering what the translation of “bounce” was in Kikuyu). There was almost no possible way to communicate to the other person in the event one was stuck in traffic,f it even existed then, or was unable to make it.

Wow. What a time to be alive.

Trying to picture these scenarios in the current era of ‘flaking’ and ‘ghosting’ is near impossible. Smart phones (formerly known as mobile phones ..RIP 3310) have completely changed the dynamic of communication. I mean, why why why meet in person when we can FaceTime/WhatsApp/DM? (Shiro being dramatic)

Who knew that the smarter our phones got, the dumber we would become? (Emphasis, Lione still hoping that the “we” is for all genders)

We spend a lot of time on our phones ‘interacting’ with people and less time actually with them in person. I know we all know that one person whom you have fire conversations with over the phone but attempting a 10-minute conversation with them in person usually proves to be a herculean feat. (Hadi you wonder if you’ve been cat fished…)

These phones have created problems that simply didn’t exist before. Soon therapists will be well versed at counselling people suffering from anxiety caused by blue ticks.I hope that more and more ‘unplugging’ becomes a trend (and not just ati for a weekend when you go on holiday somewhere with views and fresh air and no Wi-Fi). Let’s put our phones down and actually talk to each other. People make efforts to meet up with and to talk to those that actually matter”

And her mic dropped.

Cheers Mama


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  1. I agree with her people should stop using phones so much that real smile, laughter and talks can only happen over the phone, but in person its just 2seconds chat and fake smiles.

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