Chained by Greed and Pride

For the lovers of “cutting waters“, whether under the esteemed status of Jack Daniels or the emerging trends of “Jug” Daniels there are some of us that have fallen into rehabilitation.The period where one has to be “cleansed” from the charm of the “waters”. Addiction is real. In Africa, we have a drug that has many people rendered as addicts. This drug is manufactured as greed and pride but for commercial purposes is packaged in sachets of swag, “I’m always right”, ego, success, self-made and ‘you-can’t-tell-me-shietttttt” products.

For the non-partakers of the “waters” aka, alcohol. I’m simply talking of a drug called greed and pride. In Africa, greed and pride are terms directly associated with politicians and their unquenchable quest for power and money.  However, if you were to take a step back, you would realize that you might be an addict of this drug and you may just be in need of urgent rehabilitation.

We live in a society and at a time where our focus is inclined on outdoing each other. Our goals are tagged on other’s perceptions of us. We work so hard to impress others that we forget why we were created. We are quick to blame social media for triggering people to thrive in their pride and greed for attention. However, in reality, social media has only seemed to expose what we are in terms of our social fabric. Our outer reflections are plastic radiating a sense of emptiness. In Kenya we have banned plastic bags, but as you scroll on Facebook, Twitter and IG, you can’t help but wonder how many plastic people still are polluting our environment.

It’s possibly a Sunday effect, but in all honesty, did God create us so that we live our lives just vested on our own selfish interests? Why are we so ungrateful always wanting more and discarding what we have in the name of growth? Why are we so bitter when other’s succeed wishing we were better or above them? Why are our relationships filled with selfish motives and revolve around “me” yet it involves “us”? Why do we want better jobs with better salaries yet we want to put in zero effort but enjoy the benefits? Why do we long for praises we do not deserve?

Why do we blame God for not giving us this or that yet we ignore Him ? When’s the last time you just prayed to thank God for thus far that He has brought you? Only using Him as an umbrella: when we need help for that interview position; just before or after a breakup; when the guilt of your sins have you needing some kind of comfort or when Safaricom texts you that your bundles are almost over yet you were downloading GOT season 7. We spend so much time worrying about ourselves and sometimes losing opportunities to reach out a hand to help  others.

Why are we even going to Canaan yet we haven’t yet realized the full potential of Kenya? How are we ‘pamoja” yet I only see you after 5 years when you need my vote? Why are we so damn selfish and proud?

A story is told of guests who were welcomed to a certain African home for a tea party. The owner had carefully arranged mugs in 3 categories; melamine, plastic and the mabati type (the Shags kind that you have to whistle when the tea is hot). The guests scrambled with etiquette or lack thereof, for the melamine mugs. When the melamine option vanquished, the plastic cups became the next item of interest until the rest had to settle with the Kaburus. Eventually, they all drank the tea and returned the cups. So the owner asked his guests, ” What is more important in life, the tea or the cup? “. (The question is not targeted at Luhyas 🙂 )

Many of us go through life struggling for the ‘melamine” in life and forget to enjoy the “tea” in life. We let greed and pride blind our choices, actions and beliefs. We spend all our lives chasing the “melamine” only to find it and realize that life has a limit. The occasional man that sacrifices his life chasing the paper and after the years manages to buy that Prado. The funny bit is that the man is now old and unable to drive and his son is the one gallivanting around Westlands clubs in the wee hours of the morning. Was that worth the man’s struggle? We spend our times thinking that our lives will be happier when this or that happens and fail to appreciate just the blessing of this moment.

Pride and greed are self deceiving. Everyone else can see it in you but you can’t see it in yourself. The good book has several verses touching on the concepts of pride and greed. However, our egos blind us from realizing that life is about humility and learning. The bigger the ego the harder the fall. 1st Peter 3:8, Luke 12:15, Philippians 2, 1 Corinthians 3:1-15 touch on this drug.

I am greedy and I am proud“…… It has been a hard blow realizing this about myself. Sometimes it takes a true friend to call you out on a vice. Normally, it starts out as a joke but reality checks in when you take a step back to reflect on your ways.I now have a chance to learn and to correct. The only way is up.Currently, I am trying to find my way in getting “cleansed” from this drug.


If you are going through a moment of self refelction and you feel as if you can’t pray, click on this link


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  1. I’ve recently learnt to appreciate the little things that seem not to count to much, but are really the reason for a smile whenever I think about them.

    PS: Great song!

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