Them vs Me: Round 2

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Round 2

As the thoughts of lack of hope, confusion and solitude pile your mind. Your mind flashes back to recollecting all the odds that you have faced in life. “Was life meant to be this hard ?” You keep questioning. Wishing that someone could hold your hand through this, but those horses have not yet been found.

“What if I never make it?”

“What if I will regret my choice?”

“What if I walk away?”

“What if i lose it?”

“What if my dreams fail?”

Truth be told , there are many moments in life where we go through life motions that shake up our joy, direction, vision, passion and even hope for/in people, goals, career, relationships and visions. There are times when you simply just do not want to keep on doing what you do. Your current status can easily deflate your zeal for life.The more you try to motivate yourself and to seek counsel the more your grave of despair is dug.

Funniest part about life is that when you are at your peak in whatever angle (career, education , relationship, spirituality etc.) , you are swarmed by people ready to bask in your glory. I am sure you have experienced this in one way or another. It is not only synonymous with celebrities, business tycoons or media personalities.

This scenario exists in a plethora of scenarios: in our campuses when dealing with sports players who are mobbed by fans within the corridors of their schools; A students mobbed by potential “assignment helpers”, the recent graduate who landed a killer job and now happens to attract “cheers baba” mates over his place in the weekends………… I am sure you get my drill by now.

Lo! And behold!! just that day when you weren’t the king/queen on the throne, everyone seems to forget you. Your once close partners suddenly became too busy. You ride or die mates rode and died from your sight and questions keep lingering on. The tight bonds seem to be more of fallacies of maybe more a legend like Big Foot. That sting hits you hard, especially because your mama once told you to be careful when dealing with people.

However, I am guessing you are not reading this to pile up your worries but to possibly view things differently. Personally, I think the dynamics of life are amazing and fun when you take a step back to examine your life. It clearly is not about perfection but wouldn’t life just suck if everything went as we envisioned ? Yes we all want the good life. I DO. However, are you willing to pay the price for it?

You want to be the undefeated A student, First Class material, CEO of a multi-billion firm, filthy rich, gallivanting in between Euro trips and desert safaris, Louis Vuitton malls become your locals , a hot wife as a guy or a guy for the ladies who makes other guys look like android devices in a mall since he is the iPhone on display being admired by your friends and then all is capped when you are admitted into heaven.

It is cool to have visions, at least that is something worth living for. But i tend to think the missing links in between today and our dreams makes everyday worth living for.

Things may never fall in place as you imagine. Your dreams may never be realities but at the same time you will experience greatness only by sticking through the life motions. You may not always have answers to challenges that question you. You may never always have the motivation to face the battles that are in your life. Sometimes or even most times you will mess up. I cannot assure you who will be the next president of Kenya, but I can assure you that you are guaranteed to fail at something , i.e if you haven’t yet already.

From my little experience in life, my simple goal is to make a better life for my family both existing and the one to come. So whatever comes my way, I won’t give up since I OWE MYSELF that. So I do not know what you are going through since everyone has a story that looks simpler in someone else’s eye but the struggle is known individually. Just don’t give up. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF.

Life is not always about achieving. Just live it.


Life is hard already, so don’t make it harder for yourself. Just imagine that young Kenyan teenage in high school revising for his/her history paper and is on the brink of cramming the political parties in Kenya. 

FYI:NBA Update

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS 1 – Cleveland Warriors 0… Don’t we just love the holy basketball month of June

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