#SiNiSiSi…… It’s Our Time as The Youth of Kenya

#SiNiSisi…….. ndio tunajua pain ya kusoma kisha unagain mileage kuliko uber ukitarmac

#SiNiSisi…… tunataka a better life but struggles zinatuacha tukibet-a-life sportpesa

Ever taken time to observe others as you walk through the busy streets of Nairobi. Most of the times we are absorbed in our worries, thoughts and fears but for one moment detach from yourself and focus your eyes across the street.

#SiNiSisi……… ndio tunaumia bei ya maziwa ikifika 60 bob yet chai ni muhimu

#SiNiSisi….. tunajua uchungu wa kukatwa tax kwa mshahara

Look at that young man across the road, noticed the soles of his shoes that are arched because of the mileage he has to cover just to save that 20 bob since he could not afford to board a matatu from Kawangware to town. Hapo kando , a young lady struts in the chilly morning, look keenly at how her clothes reveal her repeated washing patterns such that the colour is no longer solid but a gradient. If only you said hi to him or her and heard their stories, potential futures once bright left at the mercy of a system where connections mattered more than the brain matter.

#SiNiSisi…… tunaumia bila madaktari wao wakipona ulaya

Splashhhhh………… a metallic-brown Landrover (my dream car) decorates your white shirt but no sooner had you spilled your “not-so-kind” words than your eyes spotted the number plate “GK”. The story of your life…… maybe not everyone, but isn’t the life of one person special or do we work with majority? History informs me that Einstein was not majority.

Many of us have ideas of how the youth can make a difference in Kenya. Some have been fortunate to acquire the lucrative jobs, obtain exposure abroad, and achieve the highest pinnacle of success while in their youth. Yet on the other hand, other youths linger in poverty, hopelessness, circles of despondency in the so-called ghettos holding on to any sign of hope just to see another day.

#SiNiSisi….. Ain’t it us that just act like we don’t care yet our nation bleeds to its knees

Instead of us waiting for another Kenyan athlete to win a marathon as a sign of our Kenyan hope, why not be part of an initiative to vocalize our thoughts, feeling and views in a civilized manner? Why can’t we for once turn up in a debate than stagger along the streets in drunken stupor crying how we could do more of we were born in the States. Fact is, we are Kenyans, born in the African motherland and we have a reason to be great by initiating change…….. Let us meet on April 29th 2017, at the CUEA Auditorium to discuss ideas worth shaping our future.

#SiNiSisi…… tunataka leaders wanajali  Kenya yetu kuliko kura zao

#SiNiSisi ….. that have the power to change but yet we only vote on twitter

Register here

Website: http://theyouthdebate.org/

“There are 3 kinds of people in the world: Those that see and act, those that see and ignore and those that never see”. Choose your person..


#SiNiSisi …… Tutarepresent MaYouth!!!!


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    1. We must be the change that we want to see.An american president once said that.Si ni sisi is a good place to start from.

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