Choices.. Choices.. Choices

It’s been long day without you my friend…..(piano background) so I’m telling you all about it since I’m now seeing you again. I hope you are keeping well. The responsibilities of life have kept me away from my keyboard but today I had to make time.It’s that point in life when my birthday draws closer and I realize , “What have I done or achieved in this one year?”.If you have ever  heard of  Drake’s lines before, then I thought being 25 years old would be “25 sitting on 25 mill” but oh well , at least I have experience with a posho mill for now.This year is special for me since i turn 26 on 26th, so mentally I feel like it should be a big deal of some sought. Even a public holiday if possible, though only Ugandans may celebrate it as a holiday.

I have a lot to be grateful for. I noticed that I tend to take many things for granted until reality hits me and I realized that  small things such as just waking up from bed are a blessing. One thing that I keep pondering about though is choices. It’s not just Farmer’s Choice (get it :)) but each choice that you make in your life. Being a kid the main choice we had was whether to steal sugar or not. I know you also tried this , it’s one of the prerequisites in being Kenyan. I digress……. Do you ever stop to realize the impact of your every day choices in your life? Or do you just go with the flow ?

  • Masters vs work experience
  • Do assignment vs Turn up at Kisha’s place
  • Sleep in vs exercise
  • Date vs stay single vs play around
  • YouTube vs TedTalks
  • Chill vs “Unchill”
  • Get saved vs wait to complete the sin catalogue

Choices you face are many and may vary in complexity, impact and nature. However one thing that you are assured of is that you shall face them and shall have to make them.My little experience in life has taught me the following realities about choices:

1) Choices have consequences

It may be a cliché statement, mostly since it is attributed to that puberty stage in life when parents seem to address sexuality without being too candid. So immediately a girl’s assets and liabilities begin to warrant cause in the stock exchange and the boys seem interested in shares without capital then the parents as brokers issue the “choices have consequences” line to stabilize the market. However, away from that adolescent wall street, every choice you make has either a positive or negative consequence. It is up to you to objectively weigh your options before making your choice.

Some options are never quite clear, for instance choosing to study a masters program against investing in land for instance. None is bad in general, but what impact does it have on you as a person? What are your intentions?

2) No matter how many advisors you seek, the choice is yours

Sometimes we tend to rely so much in the comfort of our friends’ choices that we seldom remember that the choice is ours. It is great to seek counsel, it is great to share your circumstances since as the sages once quoted, “a problem shared is a problem half solved”, but sometimes too much sharing results in analysis paralysis. Your friends may have the best intentions for you but the consequences of your choices are only faced by you.

3) Don’t be too hard on yourself…. Don’t be too soft either

We all make bad choices, and I do mean bad choices. At the same time we all make good choices. You said that you would start investing your income as soon as it hits the account. However, as soon as it hit your account, the bar tender got a jackpot in you in one night. So the next day you woke up with the bible and an affidavit dedicated to Heaven’s occupants that you will be more careful next time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are neither the first nor the last one to make that choice.

On the other hand, you owe it yourself not to make mediocre choices. Love yourself, take care of yourself, invest in yourself, you are guaranteed that as long as you are alive, “yourself” is with you more than family, Bae or the ninja friends.

4) Choices define you

You are a result of millions of small habitual choices that you have made over the years. Whether you realize it or not. You will never stop making the choices. Steve Covey in the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” states that one should begin with the end in mind. You want to lose 5 kgs in 3 months possibly , that’s your end, so what choices do you need to make then?

Most of us either fear choices or deceive ourselves as we wallow in the waters of indecision to comfort ourselves. Some choices may be bitter, some may involve regret. Brit Marling once stated that, You are the sum total of the choices you make every day. So do not let yourself down.

5) Vision precedes provision

Do not limit your choices to immediate gratification. This simply leads to a string of miserable choices. You do not need to know it all before making a choice. Sometimes all you need is a vision . Then road is formed.


Honourable mention, just a side note of things that captured my attention last week

Churchill’s lawyer: I do not know if I am the only one that got impressed by his dancing skills during last weeks show. If you have not yet seen it then here it is from Minute 39:08

Teardrops: This man is articulate in his craft (Minute 11:57). “Hata wachawi ni artists, the only thing hawajui ni “which craft” wanapractise”.

Mayonde/Fena/Muthoni: I do not know why but this song can make you feel like a million dollar boss even with a 100 bob in your pocket. Kama Kawaida

Golden State Warriors: If you know me, then you know that the NBA season is my cup of tea.


Thank you for reading. I always appreciate your feedback and all the best as you make your choices.

Talk soon.


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  1. Hapo hiyo analogy ya Adolescent Wallstreet, unafaa upewe some prize. Very good analogy. Great read. Keep them coming.

    Best Quote “You are the sum total of the choices you make every day”.

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